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Are you in search of the best cleaning services for your home? Perhaps you’re not getting that professional cleaning service you paid for and which you’ve been on the lookout for. We are simply the best cleaning service you can find near you. At Clean2Shine, we have the sole responsibility of cleaning your home to get it to shine the brightest.

With our professional cleaners at your disposal, you’re destined to get the best house cleaning service that will make your home sparkle like a brand new one.


Professional Survey before Cleaning

We will survey your building to check if there are places that require special attention before embarking on the cleaning process.

Professional Cleaning Tools

We have equipment that are specialized in specific cleaning operations.

Quality Service since Inception

Ever since we came into existence, we have been known for customer satisfaction and treating every detail with utmost priority.

Zero Percent Risk

We are professionals, we use safety measures and we do not damage customer’s properties while working but for peace of mind we have a public liability insurance policy that we can access.

Quality Cleaning

It is not just about cleaning, but about doing a thorough cleaning that guarantees the highest possible standards of hygiene and cleanliness.

Affordable Charges

We have different payment options that are affordable, flexible and pocket-friendly.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

By the time we’re done with cleaning your surroundings, you will be satisfied with our highly professional service.

Faster Cleaning

We are time conscious and we can work with your time frame so you don’t miss other schedules of yours.

Our Services

Pressure wash cleaning

Pressure washing is suitable for most of the external areas and surfaces, depending on the type of surface and state of it we might need to combine it with different cleaning solutions.

Carpet Cleaning

Do you have a carpet full of stains, oil, grease and allergens? We are the perfect plug to make your carpet look new again in the fastest time frame.

Window Cleaning

We also specialize in residential building, office, retail store window cleaning with the best tools ever that will make your windows look as good as new again.

Moss & Roof Cleaning

We will remove the moss on your roof and make it free of dirt and debris.

Gutter Cleaning

At Clean2Shine, we are specialists in removing long overdue debris which cause blockages and obstruct the proper flow of water in your gutter.

Based on 25 reviews.
Emma Morley
Emma Morley
Daniela De Giglio
Daniela De Giglio
Boian Katerinov
Boian Katerinov
Great service professional experience and attitude I recommend this company to anyone who cares about quality and positive teams...:)
nikol argirova
nikol argirova
Really good experience with these guys. Highly recommend. I would use them again. Thank you! Perfect job💫🔥
Gareth Turner
Gareth Turner
Absolutely phenomenal! Best service we’ve had in London
Hasan Obaydi
Hasan Obaydi
Excellent service from Clean 2 Shine. Would definitely recommend and use again!
Tariq H
Tariq H
Very good service for cleaning windows and moss from balconies
Emre Arslanturk
Emre Arslanturk
Tom Verghese
Tom Verghese
5 star service and communication. Will definitely use again!
Ken Breen
Ken Breen
Great service and very professional. Very happy customer!


If you have been following, the major aspect of this post is that you need to find a professional cleaning service to do deep cleaning for your home. While many go online in search of DIY solutions,they may not be as effectiveand distinctive as a professional service. Only the actions of commercial cleaning agencies are the solution that your house needs.

At Clean2shine, we have packages of cleaning services that customers can choose from and they will be satisfied with the outcomes. You don’t have to pay a fortune before you get a good service from a professional cleaning agency. In other words, cleaning is an art that needs to be mastered by solid professionals and that is why it’s difficult to replicate the success of a professional job on your own irrespective of your desire. Let Clean2shine help you out and you’ll be glad you did.

Contact us

The postcode allows us to check if we cover your area. The address, allows us 9 out of 10 times to be more accurate with the quote, by having a quick look at the property on google maps/earth. If you are not happy to share your full address, please provide only the postcode.

Small Rug - up to 3 Square metres / Medium Rug - up to 7 Square metres / Large Rug - up to 15 Square metres.

Please include size of object, for a sofa the number of seats, for a mattress if it is a single, double or king, etc.


Does your cleaning Service take a whole day?

It all depends on the service and the state and size of the area that needs cleaning.

What if your service is expensive for me?

At Clean2Shine, we have different pricing options that fits into your budget. You can be sure of getting our service at an affordable price.

Do you clean organizations or retail building?

We clean anything if it is in our power.

Do you offer residential window cleaning service?

Yes we do!

Is your company insured?

Yes we are.

Do you use the same equipment for any kind of cleaning?

We use different equipment for whatever cleaning services you demand.

We offer the best professional cleaning service, why not contact us today and let’s start beautifying your building.

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