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Get rid of the most stubborn stains and unpleasant spots on your carpet with the help of Clean 2 Shine!

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    Bring The Brand New Look of Your Carpet

    Inevitably, your carpet will get dirty and that’s all right. Fortunately, with the use of the latest cleaning techniques and equipment, it is possible to efficiently deal with all the accumulated grime and restore the original look of your carpet.

    Professional Tools

    The carpet cleaners in London use hot water extraction machine to ensure the best possible treatment for any fabric.

    Trained Experts

    We are fully trained and experienced in cleaning different rug surfaces, including the most delicate ones.

    Carpet Pre-Treatment

    We pre-treat and after-treat your carpet with specialised detergent to ensure that all germs and bacteria are removed for a long time.

    Our Carpet Cleaning Service in a Few Simple Steps

    1. The London carpet cleaners will arrive with a small van, fully equipped with the necessary tools for the job.
    2. To begin with, the cleaning technicians will vacuum the carpet in order to remove all the dirt and dust and prepare the area for the main cleaning technique.
    3. After that, we apply specialised pre-treatment spray to eliminate all germs and bacteria on your carpet.
    4. Next, we continue with the hot water extraction procedure. This deep-cleaning technique will efficiently remove the most stubborn stains by applying hot water mixed with powerful detergent, while simultaneously removing the excess moisture.
    5. We finish the cleaning procedure by spraying the carpet with Scotchgard – strong carpet protection spray that prevents the surface from easily getting dirty again.
    6. NOTE: We require access to electricity and water to perform the service.
    carpet cleaned by professionals

    Why Choose Clean 2 Shine?

    The happy client is our primary concern. We know how to vitalize both the exterior and interior of your home and provide you with the astonishing results you’re looking for.

    • Simple booking process and flexible scheduling
    • Excellent results with no excpetion
    • 100% mess and hassle-free service
    • Fixed prices & available discounts

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    Our Happy Customers

    N Johal

    “Hard working and efficient team who perform a thorough and competent service. Good guys too! Would recommend without hesitation.”


    “Stan was very polite and wore all the necessary safety equipment and a very good job done. Thank you!”

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does the cleaning procedure usually last?
    The duration of the service really depends on the size of the carpet and its overall condition. On average it takes between 30 minutes to an hour and a half.
    How many cleaners do you send to perform the service?
    The cleaning procedure can be entirely handled by a single cleaner. If the volume of work is very high, we can send 2 cleaning technicians.
    What carpets are you capable of cleaning?
    Our team is experienced in cleaning different types of carpets and rugs, including such with synthetic/mixed fibre and delicate/natural fibre.
    Do I need to remove the furniture from the carpet?
    Usually, the cleaning technician will be able to move around smaller furniture such as chairs or small tables. However, when it comes to bigger and heavier items, we advise you to prepare the area in advance.

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