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The process of carpet cleaning can be fun if you have the right equipment in place. When you have good equipment, there is a joy derived from carpet cleaning and this is what gives Clean2Shine an edge over others. Carpet cleaning has lots of advantages and merit because of the beauty it gives to flooring materials. However, when spill stains and daily movement on it becomes too much, it becomes affected. At Clean2shine, we understand the concept of cleaning carpet with methods such as deep cleaning, vacuuming, and stain removal that makes your carpet look better.

Why wash your carpet?

• To make it last longer

• To preserve your health

• To maintain a hygienic environment that is dirt-free

• To make your environment a welcoming habitat.


Our color fastness testing helps us to know the best method for cleaning a carpet which makes everything easier. Colorfast does not affect your carpet in any way, be it bleeding, fading, or change when we begin to clean. Some of the procedures are:

  • Finding a scrap or a spot in the carpet, and then using vacuum on it.
  • We use carpet cleaner or carpet stain removal along with a dampened cloth
  • Spreading of the cloth on the carpet for more than thirty minutes; after then, the damp area is blotted with a dry white cloth.
  • We also test other cleaning products peradventure the cloth get stained with carpet dyes until we find the perfect one that does not bleed the carpet.


  1. Vacuum the carpet thoroughly
  2. Areas with stains or heavily soiled places should be treated with the appropriate technique for carpet stain removal.
  3. Ensure to blot the carpet and not rub because it can cause damage to the carpet fiber.
  4. If the carpet is too dirty, it requires deep cleaning; endeavor to use a carpet cleaning machine. Make sure it is recommended by the carpet producer.

  5. NOTE: If you’re using a wet extraction method for the process, ensure the carpet gets dried completely within 24 hours. This will prevent mildew or mold from growing in the carpet and also stopping moisture from doing damages underneath the carpet.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in London


Тhis is a method popular among many homeowners and it is otherwise known as steam cleaners. The process involves injecting a solution into a carpet, then putting the used solution back into the machine. You can also save yourself from the stress of dragging a hose around your house by using a formula that doesn’t require the usage of clean water. Do not forget to select the best cleaning machine you can afford to reduce the stress of water extraction.


This is also a common method amidst homeowners; this is how to do it:
Spread a dry absorbent on the carpet you want to clean and vacuum with a carpet cleaning machine. However, many tend to use steam cleaners because it is affordable and cheaper than carpet cleaning machines, and it is also faster than the wet extraction solution.


We have prominent machines that are power max in capacity capable of doing good cleaning that will make your carpet spotless, and kill 99.9% bacteria. We do this effectively with the aid of our antibacterial solution and smart wash.

Our equipment can easily tackle stains and spills and it can easily spread its washing solution to areas which require effort to reach.

Aside from that, we have equipment designed for quick washing due to its ability to maneuver even when it is full of water.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the cleaning procedure usually last?

The duration of the service really depends on the size of the carpet and its overall condition. On average it takes between 30 minutes to an hour and a half.

How many cleaners do you send to perform the service?

The cleaning procedure can be entirely handled by a single cleaner. If the volume of work is very high, we can send 2 cleaning technicians.

What carpets are you capable of cleaning?

Our team is experienced in cleaning different types of carpets and rugs, including such with synthetic/mixed fibre and delicate/natural fibre.

Do I need to remove the furniture from the carpet?

Usually, the cleaning technician will be able to move around smaller furniture such as chairs or small tables. However, when it comes to bigger and heavier items, we advise you to prepare the area in advance.

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