Professional Gutter Cleaning in London

Protect your guttering and downpipes from being clogged with Clean 2 Shine!

  • Avoid the risk of damage and expensive repairs
  • Reduce the growth of mould and organic matter
  • Eliminate any possible insect invasions
  • Prevent leakages and flooding
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These are reasons to clean your gutter effectively:

Gutters are supposed to serve as shields against rainwater

The effect of rain, snow, and other weather agents often leave behind debris that accumulates and obstructs the free flow of water. So when you observe any of the following signs in your gutter, then it needs cleaning.

Overflowing Water:

The gutter is designed to prevent rainwater from affecting the underlining of your roofs by funneling it away from your house. However, when there’s an accumulation of debris in the gutter, water can no longer be channeled effectively.

Accumulated Water near Foundation:

From September to November when the rain hits hardest in London if you observe waterlogs near your home’s foundation, then your gutter is probably clogged and needs to be cleaned.

Animals Flocking In Gutter:

When you see rodents and birds flocking around your gutter, then you know it needs some cleaning. If you also find plants thriving, it’s a sign you have accumulated fungus.


To get the best result, you first need to assess the state of the gutter. Is it damp? Are there stubborn stains? This will help you make a more informed decision as to the best method to use.

    1. Gutter Cleaning Scoop: This parker like device is inexpensive and easy to use. However, it requires you to climb a ladder. It has its risks but if you are comfortable on a ladder you are good to go. This tool requires a lot of stress, seeing it is a manual method.
    2. Telescopic Hose Wand: This tool makes it possible for you to clean your gutter without having to climb the ladder and put yourself in harm’s way. This tool can be easily attached to your garden hose and used to clear leaves and debris.
    3. Pressure Washer Attachment: This device allows you to clear more stubborn stains off your gutters once you apply the right pressure. It is used to handle the organic matter. It requires a bit more technical expertise but once you get the hang of it, you are good to go.
    4. Vacuum Attachment: This also allows you to stay clear off the ladder and still get a good result. The vacuum attachment sucks in leaves and debris into the machine, leaving a clean gutter in your wake. It has a pipe and a nozzle connected to the vacuum machine. It is best used during the dry season as vacuuming wet leaves can be challenging.

The Clean 2 Shine experts are also trained and well-experienced in performing commercial gutter cleaning.

Professional Gutter Cleaning in London

Why Clean 2 Shine?

From the above-listed methods to clean your gutter yourself, you will observe that some are risky, other tools are expensive to purchase while others do need technical expertise of professional cleaning services. Clean2Shine offers incredible rates and discounts that eliminate the cost of buying some tools. they guarantee satisfactory services and have a fixed cost.

Damage and Expensive Repair Eliminated:
With Clean2Shine you will have eliminated the probability of damaging your roof or incurring cost on repair due to unexperienced techniques. 

Prevent Leakage and Flooding:
As much as DIY is great. The professional touch of an experienced cleaning service saves you stress and affords you quality time to relax.

We offer top-notch service at affordable prices that are pocket-friendly, all depending on the length of the gutter and the number of downpipes. Take advantage of this period before the next rainy season. We use the latest and best equipment that makes our service unrivaled.

Gutter Cleaning Prices

Starting from £39

Factors that influence the pricing are:

  • The length of the gutters;
  • Number of downpipes, their height and the access.
  • NOTE: If you would like us to clean the gutters on the outside and/or the fascia/soffit boards you should make this clear upon enquiry as gutter cleaning means clearing the inside from any blockages, obstructions or debris.

    Get in touch with us, provide the details surrounding your service and we will get back to you with a FREE quote as soon as possible!

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    Book Two or More Cleaning Services and Receive a Discount

    That’s right! We are experts in many cleaning services. Choose a job you wish to get done and let us do it for you!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are there any available discounts?

    Yes! We offer 10% discount for each client who books 2 or more professional cleaning services with us.

    How often should I clean my guttering system?

    Depending on what’s in your garden, it is advised that an occasional gutter cleaning is performed at least twice a year. If you have a lot of trees in your backyard, your gutter will get clogged easily. In this case, consider maintenance around 4 times a year.

    Do you supply the cleaning equipment and detergents?

    Yes, we do. The cleaning technician will arrive equipped with everything necessary for the job. What we only ask for, is for you to provide us with electricity and hot running water.

    Do you offer gutter repair or installation services?

    Unfortunately, as for now, we do not offer such a service.

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