How to choose a window cleaning product?

When it comes to the maintenance of a glass surface and in particular the removal of dirt, first comes the need to choose the right product, then the technique to achieve flawless cleanliness.

Nowadays, however, the variety of offers on the market is too great, and the choice of a single window product makes it difficult for both housewives and professionals in the field.

From Clean 2 Shine, experts in cleaning services in London and specifically the 31 boroughs of the city in UK, we are here to help you choose the right option by following the tips and factors we take into account.

Tips from the Clean 2 Shine team

As professionals with many years of experience in the field of window cleaning services we are here to give you some advice:

  1. Choose a specialized glass one – chain stores and specialty cleaning stores usually offer a variety of suggestions specifically designed for cleaning glass. Choose one that is designed specifically for windows and has good reviews.
  2. Be careful about the ingredients – avoid solutions that contain harsh chemicals or ammonia, which can damage the glass and leave marks. Prefer cleaners with natural ingredients or ammonia-free.
  3. Test the product – before using a new suggestion to clean the entire window, test it on a small area of the glass to make sure it won’t cause damage or leave marks.
  4. Choose the right tools – in addition to the cleaning agent, buy the right towels, sponges or scrapers for cleaning windows. Cotton towels are a good choice as they do not leave lint or irritate the surface.
  5. Pay attention to the instructions for use – before you start cleaning the windows, read the product instructions carefully and follow the recommendations for correct use and dosage. There are some models on the market that are ready to use, as well as others, in the form of a concentrate, which must be diluted with water to obtain a working solution. Pay attention to the dosages to ensure that you achieve the most suitable and effective mixture.

Remember that in addition to ready-made products on the market, there are also many household solutions that you can take advantage of. From our professional experience, we at Clean 2 shine can share that white vinegar, baking soda and household soap have a great role in removing dirt and are also environmentally friendly and free of chemicals and toxins.

How to find quality and reliable solutions with safe action?

Finding a quality and reliable product with safe action requires careful consideration and research. There are some ways to ensure that you will find reliable suggestion:

  1. Read reviews and recommendations – start by reading reviews and recommendations from trusted sources. Look for feedback from other consumers who have used the specific model and pay attention to their experiences with its effectiveness and safety.
  2. Check certifications and labels –  look for certifications and labels that indicate the model has undergone testing and meets certain safety standards.
  3. Review formulation – take a close look at the ingredients and formulation of the product. Avoid suggestions that contain harsh chemicals, toxins, or known allergens. Instead, opt for products that use natural or plant-based ingredients and are free from harmful additives.
  4. Research the manufacturer – learn more about the manufacturer of the product and their reputation for quality and safety. Look for companies with a history of producing reliable ones and a commitment to transparency and accountability.
  5. Seek recommendations from professionals – if you’re unsure about a particular one, seek recommendations from professionals in the industry. This could include healthcare professionals, environmental experts, or trusted retailers who can provide guidance based on their expertise.

We from Clean 2 Shine are here to help you to find your best solution or even better – to relieve you of household chores and cleaning activities.

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