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How we do it, is how it should be done !

  • 1.Remove all big chunks of moss by the scraping method, allowing us to handle the removal in a professinal manner.
  • 2.Clean all around the property, as some of the moss will fall down in the cleaning process.
  • 3.Clean all Guttering and make sure they are not obstructed.
  • 4.Soft wash the roof with a Biocide solution that will eradicate the roots from between tiles, improve the aspect, and stay present to prevent any type of organic growth to reappear.
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More that an Aestetic issue!

Besides the poor aestetic look, organic growth especially moss will grow on top, in between and under the tiles with time shifting/lifting and cracking them allowing rain water to infiltrate and damage your property. As well, pieces of moss will fall in the gutters causing blockages and overflow from the gutters can find its way into the property.

It is advised to take action against organic growth in a timely manner before it gets too big and starts causing problems that will increase your spending.

Moss Removal

Get rid of all moss, lichen and algae build-ups and prolong the life of your roof.

Softwash Roof Cleaning

A procedure performed with a special soft wash detergent designed to clean roofs and be risk-free of any possible damage.

Prevent Organic Growth

We use a Biocide solution (for professional use only) that eliminates any organic growth and prevents it from reapearing for up to 8 years.



  • To prolong the life span

Cleaning helps minimize and eliminate damages and also prevents it from leaking. This, in turn, prolongs the life span.

  • To avoid frequent repairs

Leaving fungus and moss to grow on rooftops can shorten the roof’s life, causing damages that need repairs that can be avoided by cleaning.

  • To keep pest and insect away

Keeping a dirty roof can attract the attention of pests and insects. This can be avoided by getting a professional cleaner to ease up the stress.

  • Saves you money on utility bills

Having your roof clean saves you more money spent on energy bills because too much dirt and moss on the roof makes the home absorb more heat, costing you more on getting the temperature cool.

  • Improves your home look

Either you are planning to sell your house, or not a clean roof is always an addition to the way your home looks. However, having a properly maintained roof is a plus to the beauty of the home.


Moss is a flowerless spore-producing plant from the spores that grow in small capsules. After it germinates, it develops into protonema, looking like an algal colony due to its filamentous and sheet-like growth.


Many homeowners have asked why moss grows on their beautiful and expensive roof despite plants not being anywhere close to it. However, moss is a plant that thrives in cool and damp habitats. So, if there is an in-flow of moss on your roof, it is likely that the roof is in the shade of trees or other things that allow moisture.


  • When it is little on the roof, it does not cause any danger. However, if it is not treated for a long time, it will cause significant harm and degrade the structural quality of the roof. It will begin to lose credibility.
  • Their ability to grow in between every shingle cracks also destroys the shingle’s durability. As soon as they become thicker, the shingles become weakened and begin to allow leakages of water.
  • Moss can absorb lots of rain and keep hold of it for a longer period. In due time, it becomes mold, transform into bacteria, and your roof frame begins to decay drastically.


Step 1: Get rid of all big pieces of moss

The first thing to do is to get rid of all big pieces of moss, this can be done using various tools and equipment depending on the access to the property and type of roof. If you do not do this and try to apply a chemical solution this will not have the desired effect if the moss is too big.

Step 2: Clean all the gutters and make sure downpipes are clear

In the process of clearing the roof of any big pieces of moss, some of them will definitely end up in the guttering and even find their way in the downpipes if you are not careful, eventually blocking the downpipes before. And the main reason that this step is necessary is because if the gutters are blocked and you start the application of a anti-moss solution the excess instead of finding its way to the drain it will overflow being dangerous to the surroundings.

Step 3: Apply an anti-moss solution

Removing the big pieces of moss will not solve the problem completely as the roots of the moss will still be left especially between the tiles. That is why you should spray the roof with a anti-moss solution to kill all those small pieces left over. Choosing the wright anti-moss solution for your roof can be challenging and they don’t come cheap. If you choose the wrong one you will lose time and money.

Step 4: Let the Solution settle

Allow the solution to settle in. This will happen naturally, and with the Biocide solution that we use, no rinsing is necessary as per manufacturer instructions.



    Cleaning moss off your roof is a hard task, takes time and can be highly stressful. Why not allow us to take that burden off you and afford you ample time to bond with family and friends? Top-notch delivery is guaranteed, and the impact will be visible.

    Quality Roof Cleaning Services in London
    Quality Roof Cleaning Services in London

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    Roof Cleaning Prices

    Starting from £199

    Factors that directly influence the final quote are:

  • The size of the roof;
  • The height of it;
  • How dirty the roof is;
  • The cleaning method you’d like to go for.
  • Note: When you book roof cleaning with us, gutter cleaning is included in the price!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the roof cleaning procedure safe for the roofing material?

    Yes, it is. Both the soft wash and jet wash roof cleaning procedures are absolutely safe for the covering material.

    Does the roof cleaning procedure protect my home from organic growth?

    Our service will efficiently eliminate all moss & algae build-ups. Furthermore, the roofing material will have lasting protection from organic growth for years to come.

    Can I combine roof together with gutter cleaning?

    Yes, you can. This is a great way to vitalize your whole roof and prevent unwanted costly damages. Not only that but combining two or more services results in a 10% discount!

    Do you offer roof repair services?

    As for now, we only perform cleaning services and wouldn’t be able to repair your roof.

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