What is the Meaning of Jet Wash? 

There are instances where normal cleaning routines will prove ineffective at getting rid of certain stains in particular areas. In that case, you’d need to Jet wash the area in order to give your property back its lustre. Jet washing is particularly effective for washing extraordinarily dirty places, dusty environments, cars, and even watering gardens. Jet washing involves the application of pressure to wash off stubborn stains.


Over the years, jet washing has been often used to combat stains such as layers of grime, layers of moss, and grass residue which are not easy to wipe off. Tackling these stains is effort-intensive, but jet wash can easily combat them through its use of water pressure. It is always essential to remove these kinds of dirt because they are extremely dangerous to human health. Apart from the fact that grass residue can be slippery and lead to accidental falls due to the slippery surface, these stains can release bacteria into the air. Ordinary washing cannot clean them off satisfactorily. However, when jet washing is not handled by a professional, total cleanliness is not achieved. We will explain the concept of jet washing and other information that needs to be known about it, to help you attain complete knowledge of the process.

What is Jet Wash?

Jet wash also referred to as power washers or pressure washers, is a technical washing method of using a powerful pressured jet of water to wipe off dirt effectively instead of using a brush and garden hose with less water pressure. Jet water is discharged through a motorized hosepipe that uses more substantial pressure and allows water to flow persistently on dirt faster and so much more effectively that you can simply hose down the area without needing any soaps or detergents.


From this analysis, you can infer that jet washing is aimed at and effective against tougher stains. It is an upgrade on utilizing a brush to scrub; the jet washer’s pressure makes it more effective than any form of washing. It is also not stressful as the jet washer does most of the job, but it will have to be handled by professionals like Clean2Shine.

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Jet Washing Tips

Jet washing goes beyond carrying a machine and applying pressure on stains. Without proper application, you might as well be wasting your time. You can use jet washing to clean your decking, car, garden, floor, and the entire house. Nevertheless, let’s explain some tips for smart jet washing. From Clean2Shine, here are tips on how to carry out an efficient jet-washing for your garden:

Understand your machines

Before doing any jet washing, it is crucial to understand how your device works because it is the starting point. If your home is not a big one, you can get an electric home jet washer which is useful for cleaning your small garden (if you have one) or your car. It operates 2400 cleaning units for a smaller home. But for a bigger home, gas-powered washing machines are ideal because of their 6000 cleaning units, and if you can afford it, a professional machine has the capacity of 16,000 units. The level of the jet washer machine cleaning units determines the level of cleanliness.

Use the ideal nozzle

Nozzles for small machines and big machines differ, so when you are about to jet wash, fit in what works best because, without a sound nozzle, the jet washing is meaningless. The small machines use a single nozzle, while big machines can switch between nozzles, but it depends on the scale of your jet washing task. Professional jet washers have always used the gas-model machine for tackling washing jobs and it has an adjustable nozzle for any level of spray you might want to achieve. It can blast a different level of pressure on your stain due to its mode of programming.

Apply Safety Measures

When using a jet washing machine, ensure that whatever can cause electrocution is taken safely out of the way. Water and electricity are the opposite. Any form of contact will lead to electric shock. Therefore, cover the cable boxes and external light with adjustable furniture or plastic, and also, make sure the electrical wires are also okay. Check negative (-) and positive (+) wires and be sure they are not in contact because it is the likely spot where electrocution can occur.

Stable Water supply and Hose

The water supply must be constant and your hose must supply a specific amount of gallons as instructed on your machine. It is advisable to test the duration to fill six water gallons and compare gallons your machine uses per minute. However, your hose must be free, flexible, and should not be more than 50 feet long

Start the Machine and Spray in Section

Once you have ensured all is in place, such as the hose being tight enough to hold water pressure and that air cannot penetrate, you can switch on the start-up button. When spraying, keep in mind that pressure for each area you are cleaning differs. For tougher stains, we use the narrow spray, while the wilder spray is ideal for general cleaning. For brickwork, the general spray of jet washing works well and can easily remove the stains.

Tough Stains That Require Jet Washing

Below are the tougher stains jet washing can address:

  • Graffiti
  • This is a form of spray paint that can be very problematic when removing from any building structure. It can involve many paints that are very thick because they are mostly used for designs. Majorly, contractors go to the extent of using hacking tools to scrape the building in order to remove it, which may end up causing damages in the process. However, a jet washer between 2000 to 3000 PSI is powerful enough to combat and eradicate it from the wall without leaving any traces of color behind.

    How to Use:

    For effective jet washing, keep the nozzle about 2 feet from the painted area and apply it in sections to eradicate the paints. For metal surfaces or brick, Clean2Shine advises that chemical products be applied on the wall or paving recommended by the product manufacturers. After that, use the jet washer pressure to remove the leftover paints.

  • Rust
  • Removing rust can be hectic, especially if you pull with a scrub. It causes more damage to the metal because as you scrub, the metal durability decreases. However, jet water of a minimum of 3000 PSI with a nozzle of narrow-angle can remove the rust, like it never occurred. With a jet washing service, you save yourself the stress of scraping and sanding.

  • Mold & Mildew
  • It is not advisable to allow mold & mildew to grow in your home because they damage hygiene and cause health complications. They grow around roofing, pavers, glass, exterior siding, and pavers. As a homeowner, you have to remove them from spreading further in your home because they can be difficult to remove if they grow everywhere. Jet washing is your ideal solution to remove them and drastically reduce the chances of them increasing again.
    For effective removal, apply a mold and mildew remover mix and a jet washer. It works faster and saves you any form of stress. They fit perfectly on cement, stucco, aluminum, driveways, decking, fencing, siding, and vinyl.

  • Gum
  • This might look funny, but chewing gum can stick completely to the wall and can be a problem when trying to remove it because leftover particles stick to the wall. For removing other types of gum such as glue, using hot water alone is not enough. The jet washing machine of 4000 psi with hot water support will apply enough pressure, which causes the gum to melt for instant removal.

  • Paint
  • Painters have always encountered painting problems, mostly if it deals with repainting because they have to peel off the old one, but a jet washer makes it easier. Before applying the jet washer:

    1. Endeavor to do a patch test to know the surface’s durability so that the jet washer won’t damage the surface.
    2. Start by spraying a small amount of jet so that you can determine the pressure to use in washing off the paint.
    3. After that, keep spraying until the removal is perfect, and make sure to do it in sections.

    If you are working on a wood surface with a jet washer, spray the wood’s grain, and if stripping chemicals or washer has been used to wipe off the paint, rinse thoroughly with the jet washer. The jet washer ensures that it is removed so that new paint won’t have problems on the wood.

  • Calcium & Lime Deposits
  • Calcium and lime stains are chiefly caused by hard water which leaves behind mineral particle stains that are very stressful to get rid of when washing. These stains are common on hard surfaces such as pools and fountains, but with high-pressure jet washing machines, they can easily be removed.

    Things You Must Ensure While Jet Washing

    Protect your plants: Jet washing is like a whirlwind that can destroy fragile things and plants fall into this category. Before you start, make sure you protect your plants, especially if you’re working in a small garden. Although some gardeners use jet washers to sprinkle their gardens at low pressure, it is advisable to protect your plant because they have enough force to destroy them.

    Do not spray your windows: We have our cleaning technique that won’t leave behind stains. However, the jet washer has a higher burst of power than can damage windows, so, do not direct your washer towards them at all.

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    Things You Should Never Do With a Jet Washer

    Do not set the jet washer machine wrongly.

    Do not blast your car with a jet washer directly.

    Never use it to remove weeds from the patio.

    Wear long trousers because the chance of getting dirty is absolute.

    Do not leave behind a patio attachment cleaner because it reduces too much dirt from spreading.

    Materials Needed to Aid Jet Washing Machine

    Hose adaptors

    Pressure Washer



    Safety Goggles

    RCD Adaptors


    Why You Should Hire a Professional Jet Washing Service

    Jet washing can be very stressful; it requires lots of effort, and using a jet washing machine is not an easy task because a certain level of technical expertise is required to handle it correctly. Also, jet washing goes beyond finding a jet washing machine and cleaning dirt; you may end complicating the cleaning and washing if you set the machine wrongly. Aside from that, working in sections can only be understood by companies specialized in it. Here are reasons to hire a professional jet washing service:

    Sit back and enjoy the results

    The presence of a professional jet washer in your home or office means you do not have reasons to do anything. Jet washing is always done during the weekend, so you have the whole weekend for yourself when a professional comes around. The only thing required of you is to stay, monitor the entire process and give instructions if there are areas you want left untouched.

    They offer professional cleaning

    Even if you have read up the whole process of jet washing, you may struggle to recreate the perfection and level of skill of professionals. Professionals evolve continually and as this is their bread and butter, they are accomplished in all the practical aspects of the job. While DIY manuals may impart a theoretical knowledge of the process to you, nothing comes close to the practical, hands-on experience professionals offer.


    Some insurance policies do not cover accidental, self-inflicted damage to property and that’s just another reason why you’d be best served allowing professionals like Clean2Shine handle this task for you. Their workmen are skilled and experienced and even in the rare case of damage, you’d still be eligible for insurance. A win-win situation.

    Best Machines

    When you hire Clean2Shine jet washing service, we come with the latest gadgets and gizmos to do a standard cleaning that will last longer than you expected. Besides that, you should always bear in mind that hiring us means we are ready to take care of unforeseen developments.

    Contributing your quota to the global warming solution

    Your decision to hire us means you are doing your part not to cause further harm to the ozone layer, which has resulted in global warming. Professional cleaners plan before they embark on washing to minimize any form of risk to the environment. The best part is, we don’t leave debris lying around after we work, we clean up after ourselves.

    Benefits of Jet Washing

    Proper hygienic cleaning

    The purpose of jet washing is to ensure that your surroundings are clean, but jet washing cleaning offers a near-perfect clean environment because of the pressure it uses to wash.

    It saves you of costly future repairs

    Stains can weaken your paving or wall surface, which may cause you to start making unbudgeted expenses. Jet washing protects you from this kind of financial spending if professionals carry it out.

    It livens up your paving color

    One certainty about surface stains is that they dampen color, and if you do the usual cleaning with broom or scrub, stain particles will still be leftover. However, jet washing will remove it and make the surface color as good as new without altering the color.

    It removes weeds, grass, and moss

    The presence of weeds, grass and moss deface your environment and damage your surface. However, a professional jet washer like us can help remove them with our jet washing machine equipped with enough pressure, although some stubborn weeds may have to be removed manually. After this, we’ll advise you on the safe usage of herbicides once the surface is dry so that the chances of them growing again are slim.


    Jet washing extends the lifespan of your surfaces through its capability of removing stains and not inflicting any damage if handled by professionals. Longevity includes:

  • The decrease in sand loss from pressure washing
  • It does not make your driveway sealers peel or blister
  • Weather-resistant
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    Jet washing is ideal for such cleaning. If you are battling with too many surface stains in your home or office, we will always be at your service for professional jet washing.

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