5 Reasons to Clean Your Roof

There is not only one roof cleaning reason when it comes to this task. There are plenty of reasons why you should clean your roof. 

It’s not only about keeping your house looking nice during the seasons. It’s all about being practical and thinking long-term about the state of your home.

If you still don’t have the opportunity to clean it, take this article as a sign to mark a date when you will do this chore.

Without further ado, let’s jump into this brief guide on reasons why this tedious task must be done.

Saving Money and Cooling Your House

An important roof cleaning reason is that a roof filled with algae, moss, mildew, and mold can absorb much more heat. Such damage is common in cities like London, where moisture levels are higher.
Therefore, such a dingy roof absorbs lots of heat, and the heat goes into your attic, causing your air-conditioning cost to rise. 
If your roof is cleaned correctly, your home will be more comfortable and cooler, keeping your cooling cost low, especially during heat waves.

Protecting the House Structure

A second roof cleaning reason is the protection of the house structure itself. If the roof or any roof tile gets damaged, this damage might spread to the rest of the house.

Some common issues get caused by moss and lichen growth:

  • First roof cleaning reason: The shingles can get separated if lichen penetrates the exterior of your roof. The shingles separation can lead to ceiling damage, roof leaks, and more;
  • Second roof cleaning reason: The moisture damage is natural damage that gets to your roof thanks to moss and lichens;
  • Third roof cleaning reason: Mold growths can also affect your health if they seep inside your home.

Protecting From Pests

If you need another roof cleaning reason, then hear this – you probably don’t want to have bugs and pests in your house. Rotting wood and debris appeals to all types of pets, including hives and nets. If you are careful, there is a potential for an infestation.

Increased Home Value

The curb appeal is yet another essential roof cleaning reason. If you are selling your property, a dingy old roof would be less attractive.
If your roof is mold and algae-free, it will look better and increase your home value significantly.

Keeping Your Roof Warranty Valid

If you are one of those homeowners who believe that the roof warranty is forever, you are making a mistake.
Keeping your warranty valid is a great final roof cleaning reason since warranties have limits and might expire at one point.
To keep your roof longer, you should wash and maintain it regularly.

Final Thoughts

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