Expert Commercial Window Cleaning Services in London

Save up some time for yourself and let us bring back the shine in your windows!

  • Improve the natural light in your work environment
  • Enhance the productivity of your team
  • Purified water technology – no harmful chemicals
  • Low cost & available discounts
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    Vitalize Your Office With the Help of Clean 2 Shine!

    Dusty, discoloured windows are not a pleasant sight. Not only that, but they can also directly influence the work environment in a negative way. You can rely on us to take care of your windows without disturbing your workflow!

    Latest Cleaning Technologies

    Our experts use a water-fed pole system to perform the service. It allows safe procedure, reaching up to the 4th floor from the ground.

    Indoor Window Cleaning

    If the time of appointment is convenient for you, we can wash your windows both inside and outside of the building.

    Deionised Water

    The purified water technology allows spotless window washing service and additionally protects the glass panes from getting dirty for longer.

    How We Perform Commercial Building Window Cleaning

    1. The cleaning specialist will arrive with a small van, equipped with the extendable water-fed pole and purified water tank. He will inspect the building and get straight to the job.
    2. The commercial window cleaner will use the extension pole to spray the purified water over the surface of the window. Following that, he spreads it around the glass pane and carefully scrubs the stains. If needed, he adds more water and continuously washes the window until it’s crystal clear.
    3. The process is repeated for every glass that needs to be cleaned until the client is satisfied with the end result.

    4. The Clean 2 Shine cleaning specialists can take care of any residential window cleaning task, conservatory window cleaning, and clean glass roofs as well.

    Expert Commercial Window Cleaning Services in London

    Why Us?

    We are cleaning specialists with broad knowledge on how to perform numerous high quality services. We strive to make our clients happy that they’ve chosen us and call the job done when you approve that it is.

    • 10% OFF discount when you book 2 services
    • 100% Eco-friendly window cleaning procedure
    • Hassle-free, no obligatory contracts
    • Fixed, competitive rates

    Let’s get the job done! Choose an appropriate time, service and schedule an appoaintment.

    Commercial Window Cleaning Prices

    Starting from £25

    Numerous factors dictate the final price of the service. We take into consideration:

  • How big the property is;
  • If the service is going to cover conservatory/glass roof/skylights cleaning, besides the general window cleaning;
  • The height and access to the windows as this factor directly affects how long the service will take.
  • Contact us today with further details about the service you’re looking for and we’ll get back to you with a FREE quote!

    Expert Commercial Window Cleaning Services in London

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    Clean 2 Shine can help you vitalize the exterior of your home, workspace, and properties. Contact us to schedule an appointment and receive an estimate!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I receive some type of an offer or discount?

    Yes, you can. We offer a 10% discount for every client who chooses to book 2 or more services.

    Do you efficiently clean hard-to-reach glass panes?

    Our window cleaning procedure involves the use of a water-fed pole. This specialised tool allows us to safely reach up to the 4th floor of any building from ground level. Combined with the purified water, we’re able to leave your windows spotless for a long time!

    Can I reschedule my window cleaning appointment?

    To reschedule your booking, we advise you to contact us as soon as possible in order to choose a more appropriate time for you.

    How long does the window cleaning service last?

    The duration of the cleaning procedure is affected by the number of windows you need us to clean and their condition. The average duration for our commercial window cleaning is between 30 minutes to an hour and a half.

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