How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters?

Cleaning gutters cannot be said to be everyone’s favourite pastime. Nevertheless, it is a task that every one of us must do to ensure proper hygiene. Leaving your gutter unclean invites bacteria and germs, and in such a time as this, where the pandemic is ravaging the world, getting a professional gutter cleaning service is crucial. Gutter cleaning is not something to be done occasionally. It is something you should do often, and it is important to be conscientious about it.


Many services offer gutter cleaning, but few companies have the right tools and equipment to do a perfect job. Gutters absorb and take dirt a lot because that is their purpose. Many people are scared to hire cleaning services due to the high prices, but Clean2Shine offers a pocket-friendly service with perfect cleaning that makes your gutter look as good as new. In this blog post, we will be discussing things that pertain to gutter cleaning, the consequences of not cleaning your gutter, how to go about the cleaning, and many more.

How often should I clean my Gutter?

To answer how often a gutter should be cleaned, many factors should be considered. The area in which you live and the circumstances surrounding your property are the determining factors. It is advisable to clean at least twice a year. One of the reasons why so many gutters in London are clogged is the heavy snowfall, although stormy winds and rain also causes clogs around your roof.

Whenever you want to clean, do it towards the end of the rainy season and the end of Autumn to make it even. You should do it during the end of the spring season because trees and flowers would have grown seeds and pollen that can form in the gutter runs. However, what makes the cleaning ideal is that the seed and pollen process will begin to decline, so your roof will be new again. Here are steps from the angle of Clean2Shine:

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Use a Safe Ladder

Gutter cleaning is not usually associated with coolness, to be honest. It is a job that comes with dirt and is awkward. Unless you live in a single-floor building, gutter cleaning may also involve heights.
If working at heights make you uncomfortable, you shouldn’t attempt it at all. Hire professionals like Clean2Shine to handle the job for you. Nevertheless, if you can cope with heights, then you’re in the clear. Here are ladder rules you must always remember: Move your ladder in place by picking an end, to begin with, and ensure the ladder is in position.

Make sure that the ladder's feetare firmly placed

Do not place your ladder on grassy areas because the tendency for the ladder to slope is high, and it will cause you to fall along with it. Never attempt to access your gutters from a ladder, as it can be confusing and dangerous because you will need to lean on the ladder before getting a good view. To access your gutter, use a ladder standoff or ladder stay to survey. This will prevent unconscious leaning that may lead to an accident.

Clean the Debris out

Once your ladder is appropriately positioned at the beginning of the gutter run and is flatly secured, and your bucket is in place, begin the gutter cleaning process. Climb the ladder, ensure you are comfortable, and do not lean or stretch to reach debris, so make sure you are positioned. Before you attempt to overreach, ensure that it is safe to do so. Overreaching often causes the ladder to be unstable, which may lead to you falling and getting injured severely.
Remember, the gutter cleaning job requires safety first! A pair of waterproof gloves is vital because dry leaves, sludgy, decomposing vegetation are what fill up the gutter. Except you live in a dry or warm climate, make sure you wear waterproof gloves to protect yourself from infections or bacteria. Removing the dirt is done by scooping it out with your hands or trowel and you may use a cut-off plastic bottle. If possible, you can use the gutter scoop used by specialists.

Inspect and Clean Down the Pipe

After your gutter has been cleaned totally, the next thing to focus on is the downpipes, which can be very stressful if you do not check it thoroughly. It is essential to run a pipe check because gutter dirt gets stuck in the pipe. Once you notice any sign of a blockage, shake the pipe gently, tap the pipe up and downward with a stick or screwdriver to clear the blockage. If there are none, you will hear an echo sound or a hollow, but the sound will be dull when there are blockages.

Doing Repairs

One good advantage of using a ladder for your gutter cleaning is the chance to inspect your roof to see if any damage has occurred and know the kind of repair required to fix it. It is essential to check correctly because water moves into any spaces or holes presented. And the reality is that you do not want it at delicate places.
If there is a little crack or joints that are not effectively sealed, a heavy downpour is enough to cause a disaster that may require urgent attention. Scan through the vertical gutter fully; check to see if there are cracks, improperly sealed joints, or cracks. If you discover any fault, replace it immediately. The problem is that PVC tends to occur where there are contractions and expansions. The solution is to clip them together and make sure the rubber seal is positioned around the flush seals’ mouth properly.

What Happens If I Don’t Clean My Gutters?

Many consequences come with not cleaning your gutter. Apart from the health complications that it may cause, the following will happen if you do not clean your gutter:

Compounding Pest Problems

When your gutter is not cleaned, unclean water, dried leaves, and debris begin to pile up, and the consequence of this is that it becomes a haven for pests such as mice, squirrels, mosquitoes, and other rodents. Besides that, your gutter becomes damaged and clogged, leading to holes and cracks that will create an easy entrance for pests to come into your home.

Allergies or Illnesses

Dirty gutter leads to fissures and damages to your environment, which means that mold and pollen counts will increase, leading to health complications. It is even worse if you have a sick person around; the presence of molds and pollen can make you and your household prone to illnesses. Too much mold and pollen count can be very complicated to clean. It is advisable not to let it accumulate before washing them. It may lead to health complications if care is not taken.

It causes Structural Damage

Dirty gutters cause leaks, leading to damage to water storage. But the reality is that it goes beyond water leaks. It can cause natural disasters such as soil erosion, floods, and garden destruction and also weaken the foundation of your home. It also rots your sidings, which will lead to water damage to your walls and windows that will cost a huge amount of money to fix.

Extensive Roof Damage

Heavy snow and rainfall cause ice dams on the roof, resulting in snow melting on the roof pillars and then refreezing. If this is not corrected early, it may cause a really expensive problem. The regretful part is that insurance policies do not cover this kind of damage. Gutter cleaning does not necessarily involve digging a gutter. It also occurs on the roof.

Your Home Warranty Could Be Voided

Constant maintenance can help your home last longer. On the other hand, when the gutter accumulates, it damages some things about the house. Here some tips you need to know concerning clogged gutters:

  • Recognize the options you have
  • Get a cleaning method that can clear the clogged gutter
  • The reality is that not all clogged gutter requires climbing a ladder and scaling your roof, but remember, your safety comes first and includes finding solutions to the clogged gutter on your roof.

    The Best Way to Clean Gutters from the Ground

    Gutter cleaning from the ground seems like an ideal way of cleaning for most people who have done it from the ladder. This is because the ladder is dangerous and scary. It can be slow and heavy to push. The reality is that professional cleaners can clean clogged gutter without having to climb a ladder. These are the means to do it:


    The hose seems to be the ideal means of carrying out effective gutter cleaning, majorly if it is a single-floor building. If the hose is more powerful than the required standard needed to do the gutter cleaning, the hose will remove the dirt by applying more water pressure, too much for the debris.

    Blowers (Air purification)

    A blower seems to be a better and reliable solution because it does not incur dirt, unlike water. Nevertheless, it has the disadvantage of causing dust pollution in the environment. This process is easy and can get clogged gutters washed off in few minutes after you start. It doesn’t require any additional support tool, except when using it on glasses and any form of protection. Neither does it needs ladders used. If you do not want to try a ladder in a multi-story building, this is the ideal method.

    Vacuum Cleaner

    Vacuum cleaners can also be used to wash clogged gutters. This involves using a vacuum cleaner to clean dirt on your roof. It may be garbage, leaves, jammed water, or a shard of shingles. Vacuum cleaners are faster, and can even be remote-controlled, making them the easier options. You can achieve a lot using them. However, they are expensive. It is a technology designed to give a perfect cleaning. For example, “iRobotLoojis” is a renowned cleaner and does not come cheap.

    Reasons why you should Hire Professionals

    Experience counts for a lot when doing gutter cleaning, and below are reasons to hire a professional cleaning service:

    The Price is low

    This might look like a surprise, but it is the reality. Hiring professionals saves costs, contrary to the belief that it will be expensive. Hiring a professional will save you the cost of buying tools and equipment needed for cleaning, in order to potentially save you repair costs.

    Everyone is safe

    Doing gutter cleaning yourself comes with risk, especially when it has to do with climbing a ladder to do it. But hiring a professional service has the advantage of keeping everyone safe. Firstly, you are not endangering yourself, and experienced pros like Clean2Shine come with safety equipment to ensure no accidental injuries occur during the cleaning process.

    The longevity of Your Drains

    Bad consequences are likely to follow when drains get clogged. They pile up extra pressure on the roof and degrade it through trash such as leaves, moistures, or branches that get trapped. Aside from perfect cleaning and unclogging your drain, Clean2Shine will ensure that your drain downspouts remain unsealed. This will ensure that they are working correctly.

    professional gutter cleaning

    It'll Be More Hygienic

    Gutter cleaning involves cleaning bacteria, possible infections, viruses, and harmful microbes. Clean2Shine comes with protective measures for this. Apart from that, you may likely come across pests like rats, bugs, and termites during cleaning. Professionals know how to handle them effectively.

    It'll Be Faster

    Gutter cleaning involves smart work and that we understand at Clean2Shine. Doing it yourself may not be the best option because you may not understand the technique used in doing it, and you may miss out on cleaning some essential things. With the right strategies, equipment, and instruments, we clean your roof faster in quick time.

    Small Problems can be fixed

    Hiring Clean2Shine comes with the advantage of getting the little problems fixed without having to spend money and paying a repairer. These small problems include caulking and brackets. It can be done quickly by services that understand how gutter cleaning is done correctly.


    Do not attempt gutter cleaning yourself because of the dangers that come with it. Clean2Shine will help you handle this task and help your home regain its lustre. We have the equipment and skill to carry out a fast and perfect job.

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