How to choose the best couch upholstery cleaner?

Selecting the best cleaner for your couch upholstery is vital for maintaining its look, feel, and longevity. In this guide from Clean 2 Shine, a leader in cleaning services in London, we will explore the different types of upholstery, the importance of considering the material in your cleaning approach, and how to choose the right cleaning products and methods, including steam and foam options.

Understanding different types of couch upholstery and their cleaning needs

Best way to choose a couch upholstery product involves understanding your upholstery type, the material it is made from, and the specific cleaning needs it has:

  1. Fabric – it requires a gentle yet effective cleaning approach. Vacuuming is crucial for removing surface dirt, and depending on the fabric type (such as cotton, linen, or synthetic), you might use a water-based or solvent-based product.
  2. Leather – leather is a durable but sensitive material that needs special care. Regular wiping with a soft cloth is necessary, and for deeper cleans, a specialised leather cleaner should be used to prevent cracking or drying out.
  3. Velvet – that material can be tricky to clean because it often requires specific care to maintain its soft texture and appearance. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions, as some velvet can be cleaned with water while others require dry cleaning methods.

The material determines the cleaning methods and products you should use. Using the wrong cleaner can cause damage such as fading, discolouration, or fabric degradation.

For instance, natural fibers might require different care compared to synthetic ones, and understanding these nuances is key to effective cleaning.

Due to the presence of these differences, it is very important to consider the nature of the material and, if necessary, even ask the opinion of professionals.

Choosing the best products – tools and solutions

As some of the most effective remedies for removing even the most stubborn and layered stains on sofa upholstery, the following few stand out.

Steam cleaners

Steam is an excellent choice for many types of surface, particularly fabric and some microfibres. It cleans deeply without the need for harsh chemicals, killing bacteria and dust mites, and generally leaving less residue.

Due to the high temperatures that develop during this process, effective and long-lasting disinfection of the surface is observed by destroying bacteria up to 99%.

Foam Cleaners

These solutions are great for spot cleaning and can be used on a variety of materials, including those that might not handle the moisture from steam cleaning well. They’re easy to control and reduce the risk of over-wetting the surface

Specialised products

These are formulated to tackle specific stains and dirt typical to couches while being gentle on the upholstery fabric.

Tips from Clean 2 Shine’s expert team

The advice we give you has been proven to be highly effective during our professional experience in maintaining the homes and offices of a number of clients:

  1. Vacuum first – always vacuum before applying any cleaners to remove any loose dirt or debris that could cause further staining during the cleaning process.
  2. Read the labels given by creators – check both your couch’s cleaning codes and the cleaner’s label to ensure compatibility. The most common codes are ‘W’ for water-based cleaners, ‘S’ for solvent-based, ‘WS’ for either, and ‘X’ for vacuum-only.
  3. Test on a small area – always do a spot test in an inconspicuous area to ensure the cleaner does not adversely affect the material.
  4. Consult professionals – for stubborn stains or delicate materials, consider professional cleaning services like ours from Clean 2 Shine. We have the expertise and equipment to handle complex cleaning tasks without damaging your couch.

Why trust advices from Clean 2 Shine?

Choosing Clean 2 Shine for your upholstery cleaning needs means trusting a team that is deeply knowledgeable about different types of upholstery materials and the most effective cleaning techniques.

Our professionals use the latest tools and safest cleaning agents to ensure that your couch not only gets cleaned but also retains its beauty and integrity over time. We provide different services like roof cleaning, jet washing, gutter cleaning, carpet cleaning and others.

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