Landscaping services and Professional Gardening Services

Professional Gardening Services is based in West
London and provides top-notch landscaping solutions. Check out their full
set of options and transform your garden.

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Landscaping services in West London  and Professional Gardening Services

A gorgeous garden starts with great planning and lots of landscaping.
Many novice gardeners and hobbyists take on gardening and landscaping tasks on their own. And while it is exciting to do things on your own, it’s lways better to have an expert gardener around to give pro advice, provide guidance and help avoid landscaping mistakes.
Professional Gardening Services is based in West London and provides
top-notch landscaping solutions. Check out their full set of options and
transform your garden in no time.

What do they offer?

Hiring gardening and landscaping services ensure the job gets well done.
In time you will realize it is one of the best investments you can make for
your garden. Effortless material selection, fast project execution and
skipping any potential errors or missteps in garden design, plant
placement is priceless.

Here is a list of the landscaping assistance Professional Gardening
Services offer:


A stunning green lawn can make any outdoor space freshen up and stand out. So if you choose to turf as a solution to transform your garden, you are on the right path. Especially when you are backed up by gardening professionals.

The West London gardeners are all about the precise execution of the turfing process. They will take care of all the steps -prepping the ground, soil preparation, levelling, laying the turf, edging and maintaining it afterwards. So you don’t have to burden yourself with extra garden tasks and can enjoy a beautiful new lawn.

Artificial grass

Sometimes a natural lawn is just too much work. With all the turfing, mowing, watering, fertilizing, weeding and maintenance tasks, it often seems like too big of a commitment. But that does not mean you should not enjoy a lush lawn.

This is where artificial grass comes to save the day, and Professional Gardening Services comes to make your dream lawn a reality.

Our gardener partners from West London can pull off any artificial lawn project while taking into consideration your landscaping plan, synthetic grass preferences, garden needs, expectations and budget. In the end, your grass might not be real but it sure will look like it is.

Raised beds

Looking for ways to transform your garden, embrace levelling, differentiate garden areas or simply provide the best growth conditions for your outdoor plants? Whatever reason you might have to install raised beds, the London gardeners from Professional Gardening Services can assist.

With years of experience and extensive knowledge of landscaping, they can build durable raised beds, suitable for your garden needs. From planning and getting measurements, to building raised foundations and solid frames, no landscaping task is a challenge.

Raised beds are the best choice to grow fruit and veggies, herbs and flowers in a nutrient-rich environment with appropriate soil qualities and good drainage. Most external aggressors are kept at bay, as the chances of pest and weed infestations are way lower in raised garden beds.


Privacy and safety are super important. Everyone wants to feel safe and secure in their own garden space. That is the reason fencing is one of the most popular landscaping services.

Do you relate? If so, you can count on the gardeners from Professional Gardening Services. They are bound to help you with design, fence choice and everything else on the topic of fence installation and maintenance.
Their fencing services include:

• Landscaping plan                                • Fence painting
• Fence design                                        • Jet washing dirt and moss buildup
• Construction of fences                      • Fencing maintenance
• Repairs of existing fencing            

The pro gardeners from London have the skills, experience and genuine knowledge about construction regulations and local ownership. Along with their landscaping service, you also get guidance and advice to make
smarter garden decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of surface is the pressure washing service suitable for?

Our professional jet washing service is appropriate for any surface that can withstand the pressure. We often clean concrete, stone, tiles, metal, wood, and plastic.

How long does the cleaning procedure last for?

Depending on the area you want to be vitalized and its condition, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half.

Is there anything I need to provide you with?

The cleaning specialists will visit you equipped with all the tools needed for the job. What we ask you for is hot running water and electricity, Additionally, it’s a plus if the area has proper drainage. The whole performance of the service will be cleaner and smoother.

Are there any special offers?

You can benefit from a 10% discount when you book two or more services with Clean 2 Shine!

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