What are gutter cleaning services?

Gutter cleaning is of utmost importance when discussing roof maintenance of houses.

If you are not equipped or capable of doing it independently, it’s best to hire gutter cleaning services to help you do the job.

This article below will cover the specifics of gutter cleaning, why, and when you should do it.

If you need help getting your gutters clean in London, you can contact the Clean2Shine London team to help you out.

Gutter Cleaning 101

Gutter Cleaning is simply removing any rainfall that can clog the drainage systems of homes. Gutters can’t hold water for long periods. Therefore clogged ones can create damage to any property.

The main reason for clogged gutters is the debris build-up which can block good drainage of the rainwater.

The gutter cleaning process can be done with various tools like:

  • Cleaning vacuum
  • A ladder
  • A Power Washer
  • By Hand
  • Garden Hose

Getting the Gutters Clean

We highly recommend leaving the gutter cleaning in London to the specialists like Clean2Shine.

Our experts can inspect and thoroughly clean your gutters with special equipment and in a safe way. 

Expert cleaning leaves no mess, and the cleaning is fast and effective while sipping your coffee and enjoying your free time.

Is it easy to check your gutters' condition?

When checking your gutter’s condition, it’s best to rely on gutter cleaning professionals who will use inspection cameras attached to poles.

Such cameras inspect your gutters from the safety of the ground without the need to go up to extreme heights.

Your gutters can be checked for cracks, leaks, and missing shingles since such issues might lead to overflowing gutters and damage to your home.

The structural integrity of your house is of utmost importance, so check your gutters’ health regularly.

When Should I Do Gutter Cleaning?

It’s highly recommended to do it in autumn and spring, but it depends on your property.

If you do it in the spring, it’s good since seeds tend to grow in gutter sediment that is present in the pipes.

Autumn is also good since twigs and moss can be washed down when it pours with rain. Gutter cleaning in autumn is also suitable for when winter comes, and any residue water will freeze and cause joint splitting and leaks.

If your property has many wall climbing plants or overhanging branches, you should do regular check-ups. Strong winds and bad weather can also cause big debris chunks to clog in gutters.

Gutter Cleaning at Clean2Shine London

The cost of gutter cleaning at Clean2Shine London starts from 39 British pounds, and some factors can influence that price:

  • Height of Downpipes
  • Number of Downpipes
  • Access to Downpipes
  • Length of Gutters

Final Thoughts

Note that cleaning on the outside of the gutters should be done by you, as gutter cleaning includes only cleaning on the inside from debris and blockages.

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