What is the Best Way to Clean Carpet? 

The neatness of your carpet speaks volumes about you specifically and your home in general. While it is a convention to sweep your carpet, busy people or business organizations tend to hire a professional organization to use equipment and machines for a perfect carpet cleaning. Nevertheless, many seek out professionals when it comes to carpet cleaning for special occasions such as festive periods, holding a party, hosting visitors, and above all, maintain perfect hygiene. Apart from that, a carpet cleaner will do a better job in using equipment such as machines, vanish, and steam to clean your carpet and make it practically new again. When searching for a professional carpet cleaner, Clean2Shine has been prominent in offering services that have gotten lots of positive reviews from clients and customers.

Carpet cleaning is a very technical job because if care is not taken, a cleaner may end up damaging the carpet. And the best way to go about it from Clean2Shine perspective is to use the best techniques that work based on the carpet’s outlook. The state of your carpet determines a lot in your home; for example, if your carpet is filled with dirt, wasted food and stains, ants and other harmful substances begin to set in. They can go as far as causing damage to your furniture, clothes and books, and above all, it negates the carefully crafted ambience of your home. You might want to ask yourself, “What do I do?” There are two choices before you: Buy or Rent a Carpet Cleaner? Let’s discuss!

Buy or Rent a Carpet Cleaner

If you decide to clean the carpet yourself, two options lie before you; you can choose to buy a machine or rent one. Purchasing a carpet cleaning machine comes with the advantage of cost-effectiveness because you won’t have to pay carpet cleaners anymore and you can have a perfect carpet cleaning whenever you decide to clean at your convenience.

However, the disadvantage of having your carpet cleaning machine is the cost of maintenance, and mainly, the cleaning device you buy as a single owner is different from the carpet cleaning organization in terms of efficiency and durability. Although, you do not need a commercial-grade carpet cleaning machine, but if it is essential, you can decide to clean more manually if you are the type that appreciates a clean environment every time, but do not appreciate the stress.

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The option is to rent from a reputable company like Clean2Shine that makes use of high-quality carpet cleaning machines to clean a carpet in a professional way that brings back the feeling of buying your carpet for the first time. As much as renting the machine is advisable, you may not be able to handle the machine to get that perfect cleaning you are looking for. So, it is advisable to hire the service of Clean2Shine to make your home look habitable again. Hiring a professional cleaner is the preferred option among several people.

Effective Carpet Cleaning Methods

Before cleaning your carpet, it is essential to know the method you want to use. The method you are using to clean will help you understand how to go about the cleaning and will serve as a guide in order not to cause any damage when cleaning. Here are some popular methods you can use to get perfect cleaning:

Hot Water Extraction Method

You have always heard about carpet cleaning, but be informed that hot water extraction is the reason why people call it “Carpet Cleaning.” It is a time-honored method, better still; you can call it the traditional way of carpet cleaning because it was the first means employed by organizations to clean carpets back then. However, the cons of using too much hot water on carpet include the tendency to cause mold, loss of texture quality, mildew, quick tear, and other forms of water damage.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Method

This method is an upgrade on the hot water method as it helps to avoid any form of water damage to your carpet. It involves the use of detergents on your carpet, the part which soil particles are clinging to. The dry cleaning method ensures that your carpet is entirely vacuumed, which leaves it perfectly clean and scenting nicely.

Bonnet Method

This method is also referred to as a buffer, and it is a specially made buffing machine along with spray chemicals for a perfect carpet cleaning. Bonnet cleaning requires a special cleaning agent during cleaning. However, only professionals like Clean2Shine can handle it because people who hold this bonnet cleaning are specially trained.

It is essential to state that a method of cleaning a carpet is different from how to clean a carpet. Methods are ways in which one can go about cleaning a carpet, while how to clean is the practical aspect. In other words, “methods” is the theoretical while “how” is practical.

Foam Cleaning Methods

Although this method has not caught on, especially among business organizations, it is common in households as it appears to be a quick way for cleaning carpets. The process of foam cleaning involves two ways of using a cleaning detergent: either spreading a cleaning detergent on the carpet evenly or mixing the detergent into a bucket of water until it is soapy.

  • First Method:
  • If you are spreading a cleaning detergent, the foam is usually attached to a particular machine brush and is carefully placed into the carpet fibres. Through this, the foam is allowed to stay on the carpet for a short period, and dirt is removed faster due to the effect of the vacuum cleaner it is attached to. This method is usually effective because the dry foam is made of 10% liquid and 90% air, so there is low moisture which means there won’t be a residue of heat on the carpet after all is done.

  • Second Method:
  • This method is a manual process. The foam is dipped gradually into the bucket where cleaning detergent and water is mixed, brought out and squeezed, then pressed intensely on the carpet to bring out dirt, and then squeezed into another bucket of water. However, this is also an old method that is only common with people who are unable to afford professional cleaning services. The problem is that it doesn’t clean a carpet well as it may leave behind some dirt if the foam is not squeezed well.

    How to do Carpet Cleaning in Your Home

    These simple processes can help you wash your carpet and get the desired result you are hoping for after cleaning:

    • Test your Carpet for Colorfastness

    Carpets are sometimes like a cloth whereby, after washing they lose colour quality, mostly if you use detergents and not bar soap. The same goes for carpet cleaning. Before you start, do a colourfastness test to check the durability of colour on your carpet. Endeavour to test the carpet on some parts. Through this, you will determine the level of detergents that will be used to clean it. Do not skip this part for any reason unless you want to have a faded carpet after washing.

    • Move Aside Your Furniture and other things

    After you are done with the colour testing and your carpet can withstand what cleaning detergent you are using, the next thing is to move the furniture in your room to a safer place. Protect all other things such as television, flower vase, and most importantly, cover the sockets that connect electricity to your electrical products to avoid electrocution. The main thing is to prevent your furniture from contacting excess water because it may damage them.

    • Clean the Unaffected Areas First

    To make things easier, you should clean the areas that are not stained with dirt, and after then, you can focus on the areas that are affected. The reason why you should do this first is that areas that are not affected won’t give much stress; neither do you need to apply much detergent or water.

    • Put in Extra Effort for Efficient Cleaning on Affected Areas

    Areas where furniture is sitting on, hallways, dining areas, sitting room carpets are always liable to get more dirt because people often make use of this space. Therefore, it is advisable to use a spot cleaner to treat this area for effective cleaning. For instance, Clean2Shine has a unique method of doing with the use of hot water in the treatment of these parts on a carpet, and after cleaning, there won’t be telltale signs that the carpet was cleaned.

    • Take your time cleaning the carpet until it is spotless

    Cleaning a carpet is not something you plan a specific hour of your time for; it is something you make time to do because some carpets can be very stubborn to clean. Depending on the method you plan to use, you must ensure that you do not use excessive water to ensure that you take out all the dirt hiding in the carpet fibres and use ideal cleaning detergents that suit your carpet type.

    Whatever method you are using to clean, be it dry or hot method, ensure that your washing is done effectively and it covers all areas that need to be washed. Even after washing, inspect the dirty parts to see if it does not need further scrubbing.

    • After Cleaning, Follow the After-Use Instructions

    One careless mistake after cleaning can ruin every effort made to keep the carpet clean, particularly if you do not follow the instructions as stated on your products or on the machine used to carry out the cleaning. Therefore, before cleaning, it is advisable to plan effectively so that you don’t accidentally step on the cleaned area while washing or after.

    The reality is that whether in a home or an organization, your carpet defines your level of hygiene; therefore, after-use instruction is more important because a single mistake can make all efforts go to waste. Consequently, it is best when you employ the services of a professional carpet cleaning service of a prominent firm like Clean2Shine. Your carpet is in safe hands.

    Important Advice while Cleaning your Carpet

    Soaked Carpet

    If the situation warrants that your carpet is soaked, you need to keep it at the back of your mind that it will be a prolonged treatment. Therefore, for wet areas, air dries it naturally, but do not use a cleaner even after it is dry. Also, not more than three strokes, at most four, should be applied to areas that are already wet to avoid too much saturation on your carpet.

    Dry Strokes

    It is advisable to use dry strokes on the wet areas, while you can finish with stable dry strokes. Nevertheless, you can still use dry strokes on your carpet on the chance that there’s not much water sucked in your carpet.
    carpet cleaned by professionals

    Common Problems with Carpet Cleaning

    Carpet cleaning is a technique, and that is why it is advisable to hire a carpet cleaner to help you maintain your carpet, so you don’t incur additional expense. Here are the common problems faced during carpet cleaning:

    Shrinkage in the Carpet

    The main reason why carpet shrinkage occurs is due to too much moisture which has caused it to get too wet during cleaning. Only professional cleaners can determine the amount of water that is needed to wash a carpet during cleaning. At Clean2Shine, we have experts that ensure that your carpet is examined thoroughly before washing and we get rid of moisture through the use of an extractor vacuum.

    Faster Re-soiling

    Faster re-soiling often occurs in carpet cleaning, and this is due to many residues not adequately removed when rinsing. This error majorly occurs from carpet cleaners who are not professional enough in carpet cleaning. They often use too much cleaning agent or too much soap concentration. It often results in unresolved cleaning, which leaves behind some residue that causes faster re-soiling.

    As a professional cleaning carpet firm, Clean2Shine ensures that no standard process is skipped to ensure that your carpet does not lose quality after washing. For instance, we often use hot water to get rid of the leftover residue in the carpet, so the chances of faster re-soiling happening are zero.

    Bubbles and Ripples after wash

    Bubbles and ripples usually show up as the carpet begins to dry-off. Although they fade away as soon as the carpet is dry, it is often advised by Clean2Shine experts to wash your carpet thoroughly because your carpet needs re-stretching before cleaning.

    Advantage of Hiring Carpet Cleaner

    As a homeowner or company executive, you are responsible for the proper hygiene of your carpet, which is why you should employ a reputable firm that boasts experts in carpet cleaning. Here are the benefits of hiring a carpet cleaner:

    Experienced Cleaning

    Carpet cleaning goes beyond using machines, vanish and vacuum cleaners, you need to understand the carpet texture, the level of water to use, and the best method that clean it up without damaging it. Carpet cleaning is also not about hard work, it is about smart work, and that is why you should hire a professional to clean your carpet. Professionals boast technical acumen allied with consummate experience to ensure that you get the best results every time.

    Removing Tough Stains with Ease

    Those who have tried carpet cleaning can testify to the neck and back pain that comes with it. A professional carpet cleaner knows how to clean the carpet with tactics that will make your carpet as good as new. The DIY process will leave you drained but carpet cleaners have tough cleaning agents that can remove tough stains without stress.

    Prevention of Mold Growth

    One of the reasons why mold grows on carpets is due to unprofessional cleaning, which usually involves the use of water to saturate the carpet and not allowing it to dry correctly. This results in mold growth and mildew that can cause complications to health. However, the good news is that professional cleaners like us can do an excellent job on your carpet.

    It Saves Time and Money

    If you are busy, hiring professional cleaners saves you time and money. You will get quality cleaning that will improve hygiene, whether at home or in the office. The main thing is that it saves you money from buying another expensive carpet, and above all, allows you time to focus on other things.

    Final Thoughts

    At a time like this, when we have to do whatever we can to stay safe, a clean and healthy work or living space can go a long way and professional carpet cleaning is a great way to ensure this. It is, therefore, a good idea to invest in a service that practically guarantees your comfort and safety.

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