The beauty of a home lies in its beautiful windows looking shiny as ever, and that is why people with good taste know its importance. Window cleaning is important because it is one of the features people use in judging if a house is clean. However, cleaning a window is not an easy task especially if there are many to clean. It requires the best equipment if it has to do with domestic window chores, and can be technical if it is a window pool. When you visit a company with skillful cleaning method, your window is bound to look neat like it was during installation. Do you want to know why cleaning window is important? Read on!

If we don’t do much on the window, why does it stress us for cleaning? Let’s find out why.

      The Screens:
      The importance of a window screen to a window is non-negotiable in every household. Mosquitoes, flies, eagles, bugs, and harmful substances are prevented through screens.
      Pressure Water:
      A lot of homeowners always tend to keep their garden hose, and through it, get tempted to wet their window. Many tap water has minerals and sediments that cause hard water stains.
      Washing Solutions:
      The stain is called residue that spread around because of improper cleaning and cannot be removed if you’re an amateur. In return, it creates dirt and grime which makes it more complicating to remove.
      Children and Pet Activities:
      Window dirt from within is often caused by children who love to touch things around them, including glass. The same goes for the pet, who loves to climb windowsills, press its nose on the window glass, and lick.
      Cooking and Cigarette Smokes:
      Cooking often results in grease, steam, and bacteria that settle easily on the window surface. For cigarette smoke, the result is a greasy yellow-like rainbow on the window.



Solutions and Bucket

T-Bar and Sleeves




Towel and Scrub

Cleaning a vinyl window Washing Service

To clean a vinyl window require the solution mix, and equipment until it is totally clean. Use a soft-thistle scrubbing brush to scrub the debris in the window.Take a soft cloth to wipe the window.

General Window Cleaning

Remove your curtains and blinds

Mix your cleaning solutions and water inside a bucket

Use a scrub first

Dip your squeegee into the water and clean

Use a scrub to rinse the surface

Use a damp or a wet towel to clean

Use a light to check the cleanliness


For a clear view

Extend your Window Frame and Glass Panes

It aids transaction if you want to sell your home

Gives building a professional outlook

A healthy and happy home

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