How to Clean Dirty Windows Outside 

Windows cleaning from the outside is not an easy task to accomplish, especially if you have to do it on buildings higher than a single floor. Some cleaning experts have advised that it is ideal to clean your windows every weekend to prevent them from getting too dirty. Cleaning a window looks easy ordinarily, but the truth is that most times we clean our window, some dirt remains in some areas and we usually do not bother about them. When your windows are clean, there is a unique look it gives to a home or commercial building. This is the reason prominent organizations do not joke with windows cleaning.


It is essential to know how to clean windows professionally; knowing the best way to clean a window with the right equipment and the best kits. However, because many do not have the right kit and equipment, they hire agencies that specialize in cleaning windows and the whole house. In this post, from the perspective of Clean2Shine, we will discuss how to clean windows in-depth, highlighting the best methods and ways to clean it better without leaving any dirt behind, especially the pole angles. To begin, here are some reasons why it is essential to clean your window professionally:

The Ideal Way to Clean Windows Generally

From an everyday perspective, windows are meant to be professionally cleaned twice a year, but people often ignore this task because it is rather effort and resources.

This is the reason why DIY window cleaning is ideal and necessary because many homeowners usually demand professional cleaning tools such as spray cleaner, a ton of elbow grease, or squeegee to clean their windows.

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Professional Tools to Clean Windows Thoroughly

High-Quality Squeegee

Soft-Bristled Brush

Nylon Scrubbing Pad


Fine Steel Wool



Rubber Gloves

Ergonomic Aids

Long-Handled Brush with Hose Attachment

Lint-Free Rags

Strip Applicator

Window Track Cleaning Brush

Window Cleaning Kit

Telescoping Pole

Robot Cleaner


Electric Vacuum Squeegee


How to Clean Windows Generally

To clean a window effectively, the traditional process is to mix detergent and water and ready every necessary kit and equipment. After then, follow these procedures to clean your window effectively:

Scrub the Windows

This is a step that cannot be skipped; scrubbing a window is vital to effective cleaning, and the best way to achieve a thorough clean is to have a professional cleaner handle it for you. This involves washing every angle, cleaning the window edges, and working on glass square inches. Scrubbing all these areas mentioned helps in getting great quick results. If you are scrubbing vertically, ensure to use the squeegee to direct water to the unclean areas to ensure every size of the window is touched.

Clean the glass strip

Adjust the squeegee so that it is only the corner contacting the glass. After that, begin to clean from the top corner of the glass. Take the squeegee down to the narrow strip of the glass and wipe it off thoroughly. Do the same from the top to the bottom of the glass; cleaning the glass strip makes the horizontal stokes easy to start.

Squeegee the top of Glass Upper Corner

Move the squeegee blade to the glass in the upper corner and press it carefully. Do it frequently to ensure dirt hiding in the upper of the window glass is wiped off entirely and concentrate the squeegee on the top of the window edge.

Wipe off the squeegee clean

After the whole scrubbing with the squeegee, use a neat towel to clean the excessive water on the scrubber and clean off the dirt.

Repeat the cleaning down the window

Start all over by cleaning the window again, clean from the top down to the bottom. Press the squeegee to the top of the window angle and direct down to clean smoothly. Please do it again and again until the window is spotlessly clean.

Clean off Every Drop of Water

The reality is that cleaning a window can be very challenging, that is why many have sought out professional DIY services like Clean2Shine. Even after cleaning the detergent foam off the window, there is always water left on the window, and you will need to clean it until it is elegant. Do this with a tidy towel and do it meticulously so as not to leave traces of the towel on your window.

Types of Windows and How to clean them

There are several types of windows, but the common ones are the picture window and multi-pane window. Homeowners mostly use them because of the beauty they give to a structure’s exterior. For easy understanding, here is the description of both windows:

Picture Windows

It is a large window that consists of a single glass pane, and it is mostly fixed in the living room. Here’s how you can clean a picture window:

    1. Use strip applicator to wash

For adequate cleaning of a picture window, extensive tools are needed, and strip applicators have proven to be effective. Strip applicator has a long cloth head that absorbs soapy water a lot, and it wipes off dirt without having too much of an impact on the glass. For easy wash, put drops of liquid soap into a bucket of warm water, and put your strip applicator in it so that it can soak up water, then, press on your window.

    1. Properly clean with a squeegee

The next thing is to press the squeegee from the top of the left first, press it across the glass using a reverse-S pattern, but if you are a left-hander, it is ideal to start from the right for convenient use. For every time you wipe off the soapy liquid on the glass, use a lint-free rag to clean your squeegee blade, and the ideal rag to use is either napkins or cloth diapers.

    1. Wipe off the remaining drips

To achieve a sparkling clean window after scrubbing requires intense and careful rubbing until it is impeccable. After scrubbing with your squeegee, there is usually water left on the edges of the glass, clean it up with a wrung-dry chamois and a damp. After then, wipe your windowsill with a neat towel.

Multi-pane Windows

They are windows that comprise multiple panes of glass, and they only consist of a single glass layer. Usually, they are regarded as old-school windows because they are mostly installed in older homes. This is how you can clean them effectively:

    1. Adjust your squeegee to fit into the panes

NB: the squeegee is bigger than the window pane, so you may need to do some technical work if you want a perfect cleaning on your window.

To clean a divided-light window, you need a squeegee that fits the panes. Because of the multiple panes in the window, endeavour to trim the metal channel of your squeegee by 1/4 inch with a hacksaw and make it narrower than your windowpane. After then, cut the rubber blade to the actual width of your windowpane; fix it into the channel to achieve 1/8 inch for easy pressing.

    1. Scrub the panes

This is where the work lies mostly; for a stress-free domestic window cleaning, it is ideal to use a hog-bristle or sponge because of their ability to absorb more and hold firmer than synthetic. With a squirt of liquid soap into a bucket of warm water, it loosens dirt on the window without being too hard on the glass while scrubbing.

    1. Wipe clean with a squeegee

Cleaning a dirty multi-pane window is not a straightforward task. After the first two steps, you will need to clean with a squeegee to avoid leaving any traces of soapy liquid, water and any form of dirt. Stroke from top to bottom, and clean the blade with a rag for each stroke to remove any form streaks on edge. You can also clean with a rag to ensure the streaks are removed.

Common problems faced during Window Cleaning

These are problems usually faced when washing your window and most times, they are always evident even after cleaning. They are:

A lot of streaks after washing:

This is inevitable after washing as there always streaks of soapy water, traces of towel used to wipe, and scanty traces of water on the glass.


  • Begin our washing from the dry glass
  • Don’t wash the window when there is direct sunlight on it.
  • Washing the window during the evening or in cloudy situations as cleaning the streaks is always easy.
  • Dusty Blinds:

    This is usually a result of too much dust from your surroundings.


  • It is advisable always to use antiseptic spray for your window as it helps to keep dust from piling up. However, you might need cleaning strategies from Clean2Shine if it persists. This is because dust is an unavoidable phenomenon in your environment.
  • Mildews on the Window Frame:

    Mildews are unavoidable because it mostly occurs overnight, although you can clean with a rag. However, it creates a problem during casual window cleaning as it can also cause streaks.


  • Use a bleach detergent to wash the window glass and frame. For the wooden frame, use an ounce of bleach and detergent in the small bowl of water to clean with a towel or rag. If there is a mildew spot, apply the detergent and wait for a few minutes, then rinse until the spots are gone.
  • Window Exposure to Secondhand Smoke:

    It could be a cloud of smoke coming from something burning outside or cigarettes smoke around your environment. It causes excessive scrubbing when cleaning a window.


  • Use an ammonia solution to wash for the total removal of the smoke because of its effectiveness to remove grime or nicotine film.
  • How to Use:

    Mix a cup of lemon ammonia inside a small bowl of water or in a 21/2 gallon of water and scrub effectively. After applying, the ammonia will weaken the grime while the lemon makes your house scenting with fresh air.

    Why it is Important to Clean Windows Professionally

    Clean windows infuse your house with a welcoming ambience, but cleaning a window can be time-consuming and stressful. However, an agency specialized in cleaning windows will be ideal because of the professional kit and equipment they use. Here are some prominent reasons why you should clean your window professionally:

    To Keep Your Home Beautiful

    A home looking clean inside but dirty outside makes it unappealing, and the first step is making your window look sparkling at all times. When the windows are clean, your entire home is ideally looking beautiful, and this won’t leave a negative impression on passersby or visitors.

    Extend Your Windows’ Lifespan

    Whether your window is made of aluminium and glass, or wood and thick net, when it is not adequately cleaned, the lifespan of your windows will be cut short. When dust and dirt frequently stick on your window, for the aluminium ones, it starts to get rusty; for the wood ones, beetles begin to set in because dirt begins to weaken it. Frequent window cleaning can help prevent this and increase your window longevity.

    carpet cleaned by professionals

    The Use of High-Quality Products

    A professional window cleaning firm makes fair use of high-quality kit and equipment to ensure that they carry out effective cleaning on your window. When they are done with cleaning your window, it will not only look fresh, but it will also look sparkling bright with no iota of stains.

    For Safety Measures

    One of the quibbles with cleaning windows is if the house is more than a single floor, this makes the cleaning even more dangerous because it involves climbing a ladder. When a professional is hired, you avoid any form of risk, which includes falling or using harsh chemicals. Aside from this, a professional window cleaner can quickly spot problems wrong with your windows, and through this, window problems can be averted and attended to immediately.

    It Saves Time

    A primary reason why homeowners find it too difficult to clean their windows is probably due to a busy schedule or essential task at hand. Hiring a professional to do the cleaning will allow you to concentrate on more important things.

    Quick Tips on How to Clean a Window

    All these processes mentioned above are not easy to carry out. However, you may want to maintain some form of neatness on your window pending the time you hire a professional service to clean your windows. Below are some quick tips to use:

    Mix ammonia with water into a bowl and soak your scrub into it

    Squeeze the scrub a bit, and then, press the scrub on the glass

    Put water in a separate bucket to rinse the scrub for each stroke.

    Finally, get a clean rag to clean (repeat until it is reasonably clean)

    NB: This procedure is a tip for quick cleaning to make your window look neat to a reasonable extent, it is just a temporary solution that does not last long, but it can reduce dirt off your window.


    Although many think cleaning a window is an easy task, it is not something that is quickly done. However, Clean2Shine is a firm you can trust if you need an efficient window cleaning service, there are efficient equipment and kits used in doing a good job that will make you come back for more.

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